bvhacker manual

This page contains links to tutorials for using bvhacker to produce animations for Second Life

Please donate just $10 towards bvhacker development if you use bvhacker regularly

Overview of the bvhacker interface

This page gives a guide to all the controls on the bvhacker interface. Click the image to the left to view.

bvhacker menu commands

This page lists all the menu commands giving a brief description of each. Click the image to the left to view.

How to make bvhacker the default program for opening bvh files

It is possible to open bvh files in bvhacker by double clicking the actual bvh file. This page shows you how to quickly and easily associate bvh files with bvhacker.

Known issues and further work

This page has a list of known bugs in the current version of bvhacker and a list of possible future enhancements. Click the image to the left to view.

Donate $10

If you use bvhacker regularly please donate $10 motivation for future development. Click the image to go to the payment page.
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